4 Tips for Save the Dates

Tips for Save the Dates

I cannot tell you how important sending Save the Dates are. Some couples aren’t sure if they want to do Save the Dates or even send them out. They tend to cheap out on them or send them out too late. For almost every couple that I have the pleasure of working with, I have had a handful of them say that they don’t want to do Save the Dates. I try my best to educate my couples onon why they’re important, and, for those who do end up getting them, the best way to create them.

sendfer all of my couples a choice to do them through me or do them on their own. Most elect to do them with me because it’s one less thing they have to worry about. Tips for Save the Dates

As a wedding photographer, I want all my couples to feel comfortable and be as least stressed during their planning process as possible, so if I can take something off their plates, I will. Save the Dates being one of them.

Here are 3 Tricks to getting beautiful to Save the Dates. Tips for Save the Dates

1. Custom Design

Templates can be boring,, and you’re bound to have the same Save the Date as someone else; maybe you know or don’t know. If one of my couples does their Save the Dates through me, I custom design something based on what they like. I have everything from calendars to multiple designs to one-sided Save the Dates.

Simple fonts and one to three photos are what looks best for a Save the Date. You want to make sure all the text is legible and that nothing important in the photo gets covered.

Having your names, date, venue & location, and wedding website are the four important pieces of information that you should include on your Save the Dates..

Tips for Save the DatesTips for Save the Dates

2. Use Your Engagement Photos

One reason for taking engagement photos is to use your beautiful images for your Save the Dates. Especially since you can show off some of your favorites to all the guests coming to the wedding. Text only Save the Dates can be good, but planning your engagement session early before your wedding date, gives you enough time to use images from your session and get them out in a timely manner. Tips for Save the Dates

3. Order Them Early

There are so many ways to get a great deal on your Save the Dates. Depending on when my couple’s wedding is and when they do their engagement photos, I will try and put orders in during Black Friday. Zazzle, the company that I order them from, tends to run an amazing deal the week of Black Friday.

Ordering your Save the Dates early ensures that you have the right amount of Save the Dates to send out, and in case of any imperfections, you can call the company and do a re-print. Tips for Save the Dates

Tips for Save the DatesTips for Save the Dates

4. Sending The Out

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of, “when should I send out my save the dates?” Industry-standard is 8-10 months before your wedding day and then 2-3 months before your wedding day for the invitations. This way, your guests have ample time to plan for your wedding,, and they don’t book anything for the weekend of your wedding. No one wants to miss your amazing wedding. Tips for Save the Dates

I know I said that there is no right or wrong answer to when you should send out your Save the Dates, but sending them too early can be risky because if one of your guests doesn’t display your Save the Date on their fridge or put it in their calendar, they may forget about it and book a 2-week vacation to Italy the weekend of your wedding. Tips for Save the Dates

Tell the important people and then send out the Save the Dates.

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