4 Trending Bridal Gown Styles for 2022

If you’re looking for the hot trending bridal gown styles for 2022, Tom Russo Photography is here to help!

Working as a luxury wedding photographer in high-end places lends a bit of expertise when it comes to what the trending bridal gown styles are.

As wedding photographers, we get to see new styles as they begin to appear and then naturally can notice when other styles start to shift. That’s why we wanted to share with you the top trending bridal gown styles that are slowly taking over the wedding scene. 

These trending bridal gown styles are in no particular order, they are all top styles.

Trending Bridal Gown Style #1: Flowy Romantic Sleeves

This bridal gown gives us serious Folklore vibes. Queue long romantic strolls down footworn paths through tall wheat grass somewhere in the rolling country hills.

Whether off the shoulder or traditional, this is a trending bridal gown style that we hope sticks around for a long time. 

And is it just us or does this remind you of the Romantic Era of the 1800’s. 

During the Romantic Era its said that there was an overwhelming emphasis on strong senses, emotions, individualism, an emphasis on imagination, and an awe of nature. Where do we sign up?

We’re not picking favorites but, wear this gown as a wedding dress and then wear it again to float through your house reading your favorite Jane Austen novel. 

Sounds like a dream to us.

Trending Bridal Gown Style #2: Deconstructed Look

It may not seem like one trending bridal gown style would flow into another, but truly if the style of flowy romantic sleeves transitioned into another gown, it would absolutely be the deconstructed look.

Picture slim profiles and exposed boning and buttons. It’s a simple yet still flowing dress. 

You might imagine this silhouette to be more of a gorgeous sophisticated grown-up slip.

It could be fitted in the bodice and lacy or it can look silky and elegant. 

These gowns are anything but unfinished, often adorned with floral applique wraps and beading, the deconstructed look is timeless.

It’s like the floral vintage gowns hit the runway and transformed into something new and unexpected. And it is stunning.

Trending Bridal Gown Style #3: Classic Fabrics and Silhouettes with a Modern Twist

We just cannot get enough of the Romanticism vibes, which are perfect for any wedding day, right?!

This trending bridal gown style is drenched in romantic classic love stories meet modern-day romance. 

Holding court for the wedding gowns that have always been a staple, these gowns take those styles and elevate them for today’s bride.

Modern twists can be as simple as changing necklines, such as straight-across or plunging. 

And the style itself can be the same as the familiar favorites that you used to dream about while flipping through bridal magazines, but now you can find the fabric is sheer exposing layers of tulle and soft underskirts. 

Some gowns see thin spaghetti straps to keep the style classic while floral applique overlays the bodice. 

The differences are endless and subtle. 

No matter the original style, these dresses will set you apart with a flair for the modern elements.

Trending Bridal Gown Style #4: Blush and Pastels

Lastly, blush and pastels top our list for the top trending bridal gown styles for the year. 

It may be hard to believe, but right now there is a small movement of brides who are adorning gowns that are not white or cream.

Light pink, blush, light blue, and even lilac are top colors in trending bridal gown styles right now.

These looks can be subtle or not so much, but we think you’ll agree that the just barely colors keep it simple and elegant while also leaving you with a completely unique dress sure to make you feel like a princess.

We really love dreamily scrolling through these pastel wedding dresses featured on The Knot. 

It’s fun to know there are so many options out there and that the bridal gowns that are trending right now aren’t couture, they’re not something so different than usual that your photos will become dated by the fashion. 

These styles are simple, elegant, and timeless.


Did any of these trending bridal gowns speak to you? Are you ready to run off into a Romantic Era fairytale or will you keep it traditional? We’d love to hear what you think and can’t wait to see what you choose for your own fairytale wedding!