Kelly & Gavin Wedding Table Rock Lake Kimberling City MO

Wedding Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake, Kimberling City, Missouri

Kelly and Gavin’s Wedding Table Rock Lake Kimberling City, MO, was a dream come true for a destination wedding. Table Rock Lake is on Missouri & Arkansas‘s border, and it is a beautiful lake to get married on. The weather was beautiful, and the day was pretty close to perfect. From start to finish, we had a seamless day. However, getting out there was a trip and a half. I went to the wrong airport in NJ, almost missed my connection, and was given a rental car that I didn’t reserve. So the travel was a doozy, to say the least.

We started their day with the ladies at the Airbnb Kelly’s family was renting. It was fairly large and had a copious amount of natural coming in. Natural light for any prep is always a better choice. Kelly’s details were gorgeous. I recently invested in a details kit, and it truly has been a game-changer for bride details. Wedding Table Rock Lake

We made sure that her hair and make-up were done in a room with the most natural light. I wanted to try some new shots with bride details for hair and make-up! Making them more artistic and dramatic instead of cookie-cutter with flash. I used the natural light to my advantage and honed in on the shadow work. Wedding Table Rock Lake

Kelly had pink pajamas for her and the girls. Pajamas aren’t as common as flannels or robes, so it was a nice change for once. She got them all the same earrings and bracelets, which was a nice touch to their beautiful dresses. Even Rosie, Kelly’s Sister’s pup, had a dress! She was the cutest pup ever that morning and made sure she made her way into some of the photos. Wedding Table Rock Lake

Wedding Table Rock Lake

We finished up at the Airbnb and headed over to the Lake House, where the wedding was. Gavin and his guys were ready to go for their group shots and portraits. The catch was to make sure Kelly and Gavin didn’t see eachother before the first look. So when Kelly arrived, we hid Gavin in the basement and sent him out the back when it was time for the first look. Wedding Table Rock Lake

Gavin and his guys were a ton of fun, so my creativity was limitless. At one point, I even made them do some jumping shots. Those are always fun and everyone usually loves it when they see the final images. Wedding Table Rock Lake

Kelly did her reveal with her bridesmaids, and their reactions were priceless. They were so excited for Kelly, and some of them even shed a tear. We finished getting Kelly ready, did her portraits with her bridesmaids, and went down to their first look.


Gavin’s reaction to seeing Kelly was the best I have ever seen. He didn’t cry; he didn’t sob; he did the total opposite actually. He couldn’t believe how amazing Kelly looked. I’m pretty sure at one point he said something like, “Damn, look how hot my future wife is. She is smoking” The best reaction I have heard from a groom during a first look. I think Gavin was still in shock with how beautiful his bride looked well after the first look. Wedding Table Rock Lake

We did their family formals and bridal party photos on Table Rock Lake along with a portion of Kelly and Gavin’s Bridal Portraits. I wanted to make sure I didn’t use up all my poses at the lake to continue the images back at the Lake House after the ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the deck of the lake house over-looking Table Rock Lake. Gavin, his parents and the bridal party walked down to Prayed for You by Matt Stell and Kelly walked down the aisle with her parents to Love Like This by Ben Rector. Their ceremony was beautiful but short, sweet, and to the point. They wrote their own vows, and while Gavin was reading him, he finally shed some tears. He told me that he was upset he didn’t cry at the first look, but I told him that it made for a better photo when he cried at the ceremony.

These two were so excited to get married and told me that they are looking forward to “glorifying Christ through our lives as individuals but also as a married couple too.” Along with making “incredible memories with my best friend for the rest of my life.”

The reception was simple and a lot of fun. Kelly and Gavin described their wedding as a modern chic with a little bit of boho. Their details were simple, and this wedding was truly the perfect lakeside wedding. They danced to Blessings by Florida Georgia Line. Kelly danced with her Dad to The Man Who Loves You The Most and Gavin danced with his Mom to My Wish.

From there, everyone had all the delicious food that was home made. They were looking forward to the meatball subs and buffalo chicken dip that their family members made. I had some myself and probably some of the best buffalo chicken dip and meatball subs I have had a really long time. Wedding Table Rock Lake

We did their giant group photo to remember everyone who was at the wedding and then they all danced the night away. Even Rosie, the dog, made an appearance at the reception. At the end of the night, they told me that they felt Blessed, Loved and Thankful. “It was amazing, and our friends and family made it everything it could’ve been.” Wedding Table Rock Lake

I am honored to call these two very good friends and humbled to have been there for their wedding day. Being flown out there to photograph this amazing wedding, Table Rock Lake was extremely rewarding and humbling.

Kelly and Gavin, I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I cannot wait to see where your life and love guide you in the future. I wish you nothing but happiness and good health in life.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt. Wedding Table Rock Lake

A Little Q&A for the Bride and Groom

What the most anticipated part of your day?!

“The First Look”

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

“No, if anything, everything went way better than expected.”

Were you nervous? How did you squash those nerves?!

Kelly- “Yes, I had excited nerves, but they got squashed right when I saw Gavin and held his hands.”

Gavin – “I was really nervous, but I was so blessed to have had my best friends around me just to shoot the bull and have a good time with.”

What was your drink of choice for the night?!


What advice do you have for anyone getting married?!

Gavin – “Love Jesus more than you love your partner. Be each other’s biggest fans!”

Kelly – “To never tear each other down and to be each other’s best friends. And to remember love is patient love is kind :)”


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