Wedding Wall NJ

Pat’s 30 Acres Wall

Keri and Brian’s Wedding Wall NJ at Pat’s 30 Acres was the unique wedding I have done all year. Their wedding was very laid back with no formalities except their first dance, parent dances, and cake cutting. Keri and Brian are the types of friends you want to be around, and their families are the same. The best part is that Keri and her family are all the same, and Brian and his family are all the same. Wedding Wall NJ

At one point, we took a picture of both their families together, and when I said to strike a pose, one side of the photo was everyone doing something crazy, and the other side was everyone doing something funny. Their families reflect them both to a T.

We started their day with some enjoyable and relaxed prep photos. Keri’s details were beautiful, and she had TWO pairs of shoes. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Everything about her details screamed her personality. Wedding Wall NJ

Wedding Wall NJ

I asked them if they had wedding day nerves and they kept their mind off of things by hanging with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Having those people to lean back on is the best when it comes to the wedding day.

The girls were dressed in beautiful yellow dresses, unique to their personality. I love it when brides allow their girls to buy their dresses that they feel most comfortable but all in the same color.

The guys relaxed and had an all-around good time. Their ties matched the girl’s dresses, and the color scheme was the beginning of fall. Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers for wedding days because they are not as expected. Wedding Wall NJ

Everything took place at the venue, their ceremony was short and sweet, and Keri cried almost the entire time, of course. She saw Brian as she walked down the aisle to “In My Life” by the Beatles, trying to hold it all in. They wrote their own vows, and they couldn’t wait to exchange their vows to eachother. They sealed it with a kiss and exited the ceremony to “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley.

We had less than an hour to knock out Family, Bridal Party, and Bride & Groom pictures, which I was able to do in 45 minutes. Record time for me.

We rolled into a really fun and laid back “cocktail hour” The guests played Cornhole, Giant Jenga and enjoying the time they were spending together. Their inspiration was all from Keri’s own artwork. It was a fall-Halloween theme and their cake topper was from Beetle Juice and their table centerpieces had crows, flowers, and skulls in them.

Keri danced with her Dad to Dizzy Miss Lizzy by the Beatles and Brian danced with his Mom to “You’ll be in my Heart” by Phil Collins. Keri and Brian danced to “Second That Emotion” by Jerry Garcia. Wedding Wall NJ

Their reception was filled with a TON of dancing and an amazing live band. The party didn’t stop the entire night. It is so amazing to see everything starting to get back to normal for weddings again.  Her brothers were doing tons of flips and crazy moves on the dance floor and everyone was truly having a really great time.

After every wedding day, I ask my couples how they felt and Keri and Brian said that they felt “Extremely loved and full of emotion. Lots of adrenaline and euphoria. It’s a beautiful experience.” I also ask them to give some advice to anyone getting married. “Love the one you’re with. Travel together. Live through a lot of emotions to be sure you’re compatible with every type of emotion. Be sure to take it all in. The whole day goes so fast.” Wedding Wall NJ

That is something I tell my couples all of the time. Make sure that you take it all in because that is a true statement, it really does fly by. We ended the night with a large group photo, requested by the bride and groom. This is one of my favorite moments of the night. Finally, we did their night shots and they partied the night away. I always try to end with night shots because it is

Keri and Brian, I truly want to thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day. I am honored to call you friends and I am so excited to see where your marriage goes from here. Your love is pure and magical. I can tell by the way you look at eachother that your love is strong and connected. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Heerma. Wedding Wall NJ

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