Margaret and James Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

Margaret and James’s Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY was an awesome wedding. It was my second wedding since March, and weddings have changed around the NJ/NY area. Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

The day was almost as close to a typical wedding day as you can get, except there was little to no dancing, everyone wore masks, and the guest size was minimal. Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

The team and I had a good time shooting this wedding, and it felt good to get back out there again. The grounds of the Westbury Manor were terrific, and some of the shots that we were able to capture were beautiful.

The venue was a last-minute change. Their original venue was supposed to be Douglaston Manor. Still, because of the rules and regulations with businesses opening with COVID-19, they couldn’t have the wedding there, so they moved it to Westbury.

I am kind of glad that they did, to be honest. With the number of photo opportunities we had, I could have gone on for hours shooting there.

Their reception was very low key and small. It was the most extended dinner break I have had in a while. But, because there was no dancing, the guests just sat around and mingled for a while.

Margaret and James did as many formalities as they could. They had their first dance together, the best man and maid of honor gave their speeches, they did a bouquet and garter toss and cut their cake.

I have to say that the wedding was a success and I am so excited to see weddings beginning to happen again, especially since we don’t know when this virus is going to end, and we will be allowed to get back into full-on weddings still.



Margaret and James met online through At the time, she had just started taking RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes at OLBS (Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament) to join the Catholic faith.

“One day, I noticed there was an ad in their weekly Bulletin. I had been looking to meet someone who had similar beliefs, goals, interests, and would help guide me in this new journey.”

James contacted her shortly after she joined. This was sometime in February after she had just returned from a two week trip to Taiwan for Chinese New Year.

“I saw that he was from Iowa and would never have thought we would have much in common. Plus, neither of us intentionally was seeking someone that far distanced!” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

But since James had taken the time to write a lovely note, Margaret felt that she had to respond at least.

“We realized we had a few things in common already. Not only did he have a sister with my same name, but we also both had a sister named Elizabeth. When he said it was too bad that he didn’t live closer to NYC or I to Iowa, I replied that I had a cousin in Iowa and asked if that counted?”

After that, they immediately formed a connection sensing his sense of humor and that he was not just someone in the Midwest with nothing in common. And so that began something beautiful. Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

See, sometimes, meeting online is the way to do it. What I love about how they met is that no matter where you live in the country, there is someone out there who you can connect with and form a beautiful relationship with.



“Being long-distance, we spent the first few weeks sending messages back and forth through the site. As we got more comfortable, we exchanged personal emails.”

Like any new relationship, I excitedly awaited his email every day, and when there were multiple responses in a day, I was just floating in the clouds.” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

“Eventually, the emails got too long, and our fingers started to cramp because we couldn’t type fast enough. So we began speaking on the phone. Our first call lasted 3 hours!”

“It was so fun, natural, and exciting that we didn’t even realize how long we had been talking.”

We discovered we both had a love for food and that he was not your typical MidWestern guy, and I was not that quintessential New York gal. Four months later, in May, he decided to fly to NYC so we can meet in person.”

“Though it was a short and quick trip, we confirmed that the emotions, feelings, excitement, and connection we had when talking over the phone were even stronger in person. I later flew to Iowa in July to accompany him to a wedding. Not long after that, we both knew we were in love.”

I always like it when I have the bride or the groom tell their story because it is their story to tell, not mine! If you have been reading a lot of my blogs and wonder why I put these sections in quotes, that is why!



James proposed to Margaret in March of 2019 on her 50th birthday in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Their proposal story is quite long and told from Margaret’s point of view, so make sure you have some time to read it!

“Being a TV Production Manager in my career, I tend to also production manage many aspects of my personal life, including travel.” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

“I had planned a 50th Birthday getaway in Myrtle Beach. Booked us both flights with the same connection in Charleston, where we would meet and fly to MB together. However, an airline delay that morning on my end wound up ruining that plan.”

“The next day, on my birthday morning, we walked around MB. He was making mental notes for some possible options (miniature golf, Ferris wheel) for where to propose based on where we would be.”

“But of course, I inadvertently ruined those ideas coming up with new activities to do (i.e., helicopter rides, go-kart track, etc.)”

“Finally, it was late, and we were hungry. We came upon Joe’s Crabshack while checking out Broadway at the Beach (shopping, bars, and restaurants).”

“We shared an amazing dinner leaving me with grease dripping down my arms, butter covered fingers, crab meat in my teeth, garlic breath, and a fashionable lobster bib still around my neck.”

“By then, the Ferris wheel had closed, and it was closing at midnight when my birthday would be over.”

“So as the waitress cleared the dishes off the table, he slid a ring box across the picnic table where we faced each other. Then I opened the box and popped the question! Uhm… all I could think was… this was NOT quite how I pictured this moment to look like! Not the best time?? HA!” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

“The next night, we rode to the top of the Ferris wheel, where it stopped for a picturesque overhead look over Myrtle Beach and the waters. I took the engagement ring off my finger and handed it to him so he can propose again, giving us the ‘romantic’ version to share with anyone who did not prefer the ‘butter finger’ version.”


“The one thing I was most looking forward to on our wedding day was seeing my handsome husband-to-be standing nervously at the end of the aisle at the altar and seeing his reaction when he saw me in my wedding dress.”

“Also, the moment when Fr Bob finally proclaims that we’re finally ‘husband and wife’!”


“Patience and Love! You need a lot of patience and love with each other. It’s a very stressful planning process leading up to your big day.”

“This is made incredibly more challenging when you throw in a pandemic that changes all your plans every day, and there’s nothing you can control.” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

“When you get frustrated and stressed, you have to be there for each other, even in your daily life. I’ve always been told, don’t go to sleep angry.” Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY


Wedding Westbury Manor Westbury NY

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